The most rewarding aspect of Dr. Arikian’s work is observing how the process of psychotherapy results in profound beneficial changes in the lives of her clients. Many clients have attested to this with Dr. Arikian. Because their code of ethics prevents psychologists from using client testimonials, however, such statements cannot be reproduced here. Instead, the testimonials below are from colleagues with whom Dr. Arikian has worked.


I highly recommend the work of Dr. Nancy Arikian, who has helped many of my patients with anxiety and depression over the ten years I have been making referrals to her. My patients have made outstanding progress under her care. She is very skillful and very knowledgeable, and my patients feel comfortable with her.
Deborah Coen, MD


Dr. Arikian and I have had frequent consultation about our clients over the past six years. I am always impressed by her desire to provide the best experience for her clients and her willingness to be flexible in her approaches to get the best results. She is impressive in her quest for increasing her skills through further study, consultation, and on-going training. She combines a high degree of skill level with true caring and compassion for her clients. I highly recommend her psychotherapy services and I consider her a valued colleague.
Karen Jeffords-Brown, MA


I have referred patients to Dr. Arikian for many years and am very pleased with her services. She provides much more than just a sympathetic ear; she is skilled at engaging her clients in the treatment process and helping them take charge of their recovery. As a result, her treatment is very effective. I highly recommend her.
Merlin Brown, MD

Primary Care Physician

I’ve known Dr. Nancy Arikian as a professional colleague for over eleven years. I regard her as an extremely competent psychologist who is dedicated to providing the best possible service to her clients. Dr. Arikian is conscientious and creative in her approach to helping her clients find solutions that improve their well-being! I have been enriched professionally through my interaction with Dr. Arikian.
John Sowada, MA

Past President, Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis

I had the pleasure to know and work with Dr. Arikian for over eight years. She saw many of my patients and the results that I saw and the feedback from my patients was overwhelmingly positive. I found her to be very professional, insightful, and personable. She is caring and communicated with me in a very professional and confidential manner. Being able to use her as a mental health consultant was very positive for my patients and my practice.
David Walcher, MD

Retired Primary Care Physician