River Rocks


Dr. Nancy Arikian is passionate about helping people find and build on their inner strengths and learn new skills in order to feel more at ease emotionally and create a more satisfying life. She is a licensed psychologist who listens deeply to help people explore their strengths and also internal obstacles to creating the life they want. This process of self-exploration and learning may lead to a more helpful way of responding to problems; it may also help to bring about a new, more compassionate relationship with oneself and/or more fulfilling relationships with others.

Dr. Arikian works with individual adults facing a variety of problems including anxiety, depressed mood, relationship struggles, insomnia, and health problems including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and cancer. In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, Dr. Arikian has facilitated support groups, conducted research, taught courses at the University of Minnesota and trained mental health and medical healthcare providers.  These varied experiences have convinced her that psychological and physical health are intertwined; to heal, we must care for mind, body and spirit.